Preparing Your Home For High Energy Costs

While we may be in the dead of winter, the warm temperatures we are experiencing may be a forewarning for what will most likely be the hottest summer ever in North America. Last summer was the hottest summer on record, according to NASA. Summer is months away, so why should you be concerned now? According to, homeowners can expect to pay between $500 – $4000 for a central air conditioning system. The large range is due to variables such as the type of unit, additional materials needed, and the contractor’s rate. While window units are much cheaper in the short run, they only cool small… Read more »

Thinking About Purchasing A Home?

Thinking about purchasing a new home in the new year? Here are a few plumbing inspection tips to ensure the property’s plumbing and drainage is in working order to avoid costly surprises. If possible, make a trip or two to the property after a heavy or consistent rainfall. If there are drainage or plumbing problems, these might be easier to notice under rainy conditions. Here is a handy checklist for what to keep an eye on. Flooded Yards  If the front or back yard has large flooded areas, there could be issues with the drainage of the home. Flooding is even more common If the home is on… Read more »

Different Types of Home Heating Systems

As the weather gets colder this time of year, having the right heating system for your home is essential to keeping your family and guests comfortable. Your heating system should provide clean, healthy, and comfortable air with a nice balance between temperature, humidity, and purity. Choosing the right system for your home can be a complicated decision, based on factors such as your home size, budget, energy types, energy usage, and health concerns. Luckily, Trane has a handy online tool for deciding what is right for your home. So what kind of heating systems are there? In this post we are going to look at… Read more »

Choosing The Right Plumber

Many times homeowners choose a plumber in a hurry, typically after something breaks or significant remodeling is needed for a home project.  Whether you haven’t used a plumber before or prefer to not work with one you previously have used, there are some steps you should follow and questions you should ask to make sure that you are choosing the right plumber for your needs. Ask Around Odds are one of your neighbors, friends or family has had to hire a plumber recently and can refer someone they believe provides quality service at an affordable price.  Many times plumbers that advertise or promote themselves the most have the… Read more »

Fall Home Preparation Tips

  Fall is a great time of year for enjoying hayrides, pumpkin picking, and bonfires, but you should also use the nice temperatures for winter preparation. With fall right around the corner, now is the time to make sure your home is ready for cooler temperatures and the unpredictability of the changing of the seasons.  Keep your gutters clean Gutters are there to keep rain water away from your home’s foundation, and the farther away the better.  When gutters get clogged up with fall leaves, the water has nowhere to go and can end up leaking into your home, causing mold.  Roof shingles can also be damaged… Read more »

Heat Wave Preparation Guide

Emergency AC Repair

  As the temperatures rise during the dog days of summer, preparation and proper steps can ensure that your family overcomes the next heat wave. While most think of heat waves as a simple summer-time annoyance, heat waves can be life threatening and high electricity usage can put a strain on the electrical system, causing blackouts. During heat waves, many AC repair crews are backed up as they receive an overwhelming amount of phone calls for emergency air conditioning repairs. Is your family prepared for the next stretch of 100+ degrees heat? Here are some steps to make sure you do not end up in… Read more »

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