Tips for Cutting Down Your Energy Costs this Winter

As the winds chill and frost sets, we can be sure that winter is close. Often, energy costs go up in the winter due to not only the heat needed for comfort, but also, it’s less time spent outside, so electronics and amenities are used more frequently. But there are ways to combat surging energy costs this winter. Our team at Tindall and Ranson is here to provide you with some helpful tips to help you cut down on energy costs. If your home has good sun exposure, you’ll want to use it to your advantage. Having the curtains open during the day to let… Read more »

The Benefits of a Care Free Maintenance Plan

Plumbing and HVAC systems require a lot of maintenance over the years, especially during the time when the seasons change and the extreme weather shifts from hot to cold, and vice versa. However, unforeseen circumstances can occur that can result in damage or the need for repairs on your ac unit, heater, or plumbing. No one can ever really prepare for, or anticipate, when something like this occurs with any of your units or systems. But having a maintenance plan in place can help you stay ahead of any major issues while receiving preventative maintenance to your systems. At Tindall & Ranson, we’re here to… Read more »

How Long Can You Leave Your Air Conditioner Running?

We all know that while summer is everyone’s favorite season, it does bring with it some sweltering temperatures that can make us want to stay inside. Although it’s good to get out and enjoy the sun and fresh air, it’s also a welcoming experience of feeling the cool breeze of your air conditioner after long days out in the blistering summer heat. But is it safe to leave your AC unit running all day during the summer? At Tindall & Ranson, we’re here to provide some tips to help you maximize your air conditioning throughout the summer while ensuring that it’s operating smoothly! Keeping Cool… Read more »

From Winter to Warm: What to Watch for When Turning on the A/C in the Spring

You wait for this moment every year. As the weather gets warmer and warmer, you try to resist turning on the air conditioning for the first time. How much will you sweat before you give in to the heat? Maybe you’re on the other end of the spectrum and can’t wait for any excuse to create a deep chill in your home. Hold on a second. What’s that funky smell? What’s that loud noise you’ve never heard before? And why isn’t your home getting any cooler?!? Steps to Turn on Your A/C for the First Time After Winter Actually, let’s talk about what NOT to… Read more »

Will Frozen Pipes Thaw on Their Own?

The more important question to ask is, what could happen while you’re waiting for pipes to thaw? As we learned in high school, water expands when it freezes, which could cause pipes to rupture without you knowing it. You may not find out until that thawing process happens and water leaks from the pipe. Depending on how much pressure is created by the combination of ice and water flow when someone turns on the water, the pipe could burst and cause serious problems very quickly. Then you could be dealing with mold, damage to your property, cleanup crews, and insurance claims. Low water flow caused… Read more »

Air Conditioning vs. Fans… or Both?

Although the air conditioning vs. fans debate has raged for decades, air conditioning seems to be winning. About 90 percent of homes had air conditioning in 2018, nearly double the percentage of homes with air conditioning (47 percent) in 1973. To be fair, this is an apples-to-oranges comparison because the two technologies are designed to do different things. Air conditioning cools the air, while fans simply move the air. Also, keep in mind that air conditioning helps you control air quality while cooling. This is important for the elderly, young children, and people with asthma and other respiratory conditions. For many families, the health benefit… Read more »

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