Common Air Conditioning Issues to Look Out For This Summer

  Summer is the time for soaking up the sun, jumping in the pool, and hanging out at backyard barbecues. However, it’s also the time where your air conditioner is working hard to keep you and your family cool amidst the sweltering heat. However, because your AC unit is working overtime, there is a greater chance for issues that will prevent your unit from running smoothly. Here’s some common air conditioning issues to look out for this summer:   Refrigerant absorbs heat and converts it to cool air, which then passes through the system to the vents to provide you and your family with the… Read more »

Top Summer Plumbing Issues (And How to Avoid Them)

Summer is a time where your plumbing works a little harder. Whether it’s watering the garden, filling the pool, or hosting barbecues with plenty of guests going a little too heavy on the lemonade, it’s important to make sure that your plumbing system is functioning properly and able to handle the extra work. At Tindall & Ranson, we’re here to help you identify common plumbing issues that spring up in summer, and what you can do to prevent them.     Summer is the time for cookouts and taking advantage of the seasonal vegetables like corn. However, it’s important to dispose of scraps properly in… Read more »

Cost-Saving Tips to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

While springtime offers near-perfect weather, summer and its sweltering heat are right around the corner. But of course, as the temperature goes up, so do your energy costs due to running your air conditioner. At Tindall & Ranson, we’re here to provide you with some cost-saving tips to help keep your home cool this summer!     Fans can be a great way to enhance the cool breeze in your home. Ceiling fans can help ensure that the cool air is evenly distributed in the room. However, you can also utilize plug-in fans in the corners of occupied rooms to maximize your cooling efforts without… Read more »

7 Ways to Prepare Your Plumbing for Spring

You may not realize, but the changing of the seasons has a considerable effect on your plumbing. In order to prepare your plumbing for spring, there are a few things that you can do to make sure that your system is flowing and functioning at its best as the weather warms. At Tindall & Ranson, we’re here to provide 7 ways to prepare your plumbing for spring!     Since the beginning of spring is riddled with rain showers, it’s important to make sure that the excess water isn’t making it into the lower levels of your home. You’ll want to check to see that… Read more »

The R410a Refrigerant Phase-Out & What it Means for Your HVAC System

As of January 2025, new HVAC units will no longer be using R410a refrigerant to provide cooling services for your home. New units will now feature either R-32 or R454-B refrigerant. As a homeowner, you may have some questions regarding the new EPA regulations on HVAC refrigerants and what it means for you and your home’s unit. At Tindall & Ranson, we’re here to help answer your questions and provide some insight into the next steps.   In an effort to reduce emissions and work towards a more sustainable way of living, the EPA has made the decision to phase out R410a due to its… Read more »

Your Spring HVAC Maintenance List

Before the snow thaws and the weather warms, you’ll want to be prepared for the seasonal transition of cold to warm with some spring HVAC maintenance. Getting your system prepared for the temperature shift is vital to ensure that it can effectively cool your home as the warmer weather arrives. At Tindall & Ranson, we’re here to provide some spring HVAC maintenance to help you navigate the changing of the seasons so you can prepare your heating and cooling systems. Since you’ve had your heat running throughout the winter, it’s safe to assume that your air filter has caught enough dust and debris to warrant… Read more »

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