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Tindall and Ranson has done a great amount of work on the house we purchased a year and a half ago including new furnaces and AC units, duct work, hot water heater, a natural gas generator, etc. etc. (the house was supposed to be in good condition but turned out to be a fixer-upper). We have found them unfailingly professional, courteous, and honest. We will certainly continue to use them in the future.
Princeton, NJ

I am a real estate agent and I used them personally about three months ago. But more significantly is what they did for me as a real estate agent when they came out and looked at the air conditioning system at a house which another had said that it needed to be totally replaced. They opened up one of the two units and found that the prior air conditioning company had taken out solenoid which makes the air conditioning works and without which it does not function. They put it back in, they put one back in from their truck and everything worked perfectly. So instead of paying $9000 for a new unit the elderly lady, who was selling her house paid $47 for a solenoid and that is why I use them personally.
Princeton, NJ

We called Tindall & Ranson for because we had a gas leak problem. They checked it and replaced the pipe which was leaking.
We were very pleased with them. They were very professional. They came right out when we explained to them the situation. I don’t have the price but it was likely at the higher level. The only thing was that we wanted it done immediately and they were ready to come. They were quick to respond. They understood the emergency situation that we had.
Princeton, NJ

These guys were great. I asked them to check some leaks and drainage problems and some plumbing issues. I thought I would be spending at least $500 or $600. They went out quickly, took care of the problem. And saved me a lot of money. It cost less than $200. Who knew that there are still honest people in NJ? The whole experience was great. I would definitely use them again.
Hamilton, NJ

We remodeled our kitchen in 2012, and they did the plumbing including the installation of a new drain vent. No plumbing problems two years later, very pleased. Since then we have had them replace some valves in the water supply, and most recently replace a gas water heater. Each time, very punctual, reasonable prices but not cheap (about 1100 for a 50 gallon, installed, removed old heater).
Princeton, NJ

We had Tindall & Ranson replace some of the original plumbing in our newly purchased 52-year-old home. These guys were fanastic! They arrived within the expected time frame, and were extremely professional, did a great job on replacing the pipes, wore booties to protect our carpeting, and cleaned up like pros – you’d never know they were ever in the house! And they followed up to make sure everything was working to our satisfaction.
I don’t understand some of these complaints about their prices. You get what you pay for. And we got superb service, knowledgeable technicians, and great customer service – worth every penny we paid.
What’s with the complaining about their service-call fee? I don’t think you can get any professional to come to your home for free. These people writing complaints about the service-call fee would never think of performing their jobs for no pay; why should Tindall & Ranson, or ANY service company, work for free? And it’s not like it comes as a surprise. When I called to request an appointment, they were very up-front about what the fee was to come to our home.
We’ve already contracted them to install a new air conditioner at our vacation home, and would definitely use them again, as well as recommend them to anyone who wants a job done right.
Ewing, NJ