Cost-Saving Tips to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

While springtime offers near-perfect weather, summer and its sweltering heat are right around the corner. But of course, as the temperature goes up, so do your energy costs due to running your air conditioner.

At Tindall & Ranson, we’re here to provide you with some cost-saving tips to help keep your home cool this summer!



Embrace Your Fan

Fans can be a great way to enhance the cool breeze in your home. Ceiling fans can help ensure that the cool air is evenly distributed in the room. However, you can also utilize plug-in fans in the corners of occupied rooms to maximize your cooling efforts without having to rely on your air conditioner.


Increase the Shade 

It’s no secret that the sun creates heat. While it may be beautiful to see the sun shining in your living room window, it’s also causing your home to warm up. By closing the curtains, or having window awnings, you can actually reduce the amount of heat your home receives from the sun.

You can also take this summer to plant some trees around your home. Trees provide ample shading in the summer, so after a few years, you’ll have an effective shield from the sun.


Use Efficient Lightbulbs 

While incandescent lights provide a warm glow, they can also give off heat. Even though that may be welcome in the winter months, it can be problematic in the summer when you’re trying to keep your home cool.

Swapping out your lightbulbs for LED ones not only help lower the costs of your energy bill, but they also put off roughly 75% less heat than traditional lightbulbs.


Seal Gaps & Leaks

In order to keep the precious cool air flowing in your home, you’ll want to do everything in your power to prevent it from seeping out. Inspect the entryways and windows in your home to make sure that there’s no cracks that are letting the cool air out and the warm air in. If you find cracks and leaks, use sealant or weather stripping to block the flow.


Change Your Air Filter

It’s recommended that you change your air filters at the onset of every season, so four times a year. This ensures that the air flow is clear and that the vents aren’t blocked up by dust or natural debris, allowing you to get the most out of your air conditioning.


Schedule Maintenance for Your Air Conditioner

Before the dog days of summer roll in, you’ll want to make sure that your air conditioning unit is in good shape and operating smoothly. An HVAC technician can perform routine service to ensure that your unit is ready to run and keep your home cool for the summer.


Let Tindall & Ranson Help

While there are plenty of hacks and tips that you can use to help keep your home cool this summer, nothing is more effective than having an air conditioning unit that’s well maintained. Our experts can help you ensure that your home is ready for summer by checking the system to make sure that it’s operating smoothly.


Contact us so we can help you keep cool this summer!


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