Common Air Conditioning Issues to Look Out For This Summer


Summer is the time for soaking up the sun, jumping in the pool, and hanging out at backyard barbecues. However, it’s also the time where your air conditioner is working hard to keep you and your family cool amidst the sweltering heat. However, because your AC unit is working overtime, there is a greater chance for issues that will prevent your unit from running smoothly.

Here’s some common air conditioning issues to look out for this summer:


Low or Leaking Refrigerant

Refrigerant absorbs heat and converts it to cool air, which then passes through the system to the vents to provide you and your family with the cooling effect. However, if the refrigerant is low, or leaking, the air will begin to feel less cool. Keep an eye out for ice buildup on the unit (which can freeze the condenser) and an ear out for abnormal hissing sounds.


Thermostat Miscommunication

It can be a bit irritating when you set your thermostat to a certain level, and after waiting, the air still doesn’t cool. This is a sign that there’s an issue with your thermostat. The easy fix is replacing the batteries. However, the other causes could be the need for a calibration, or the unit is faulty and needs to be replaced.


The Filters are Clogged

It’s important to change your filters every season. Forgoing this seasonal task can cause the air flow to become blocked, the air conditioning unit to work hard—resulting in higher energy costs, and the lack of sufficient cool air. If you notice any of the latter, be sure to check your filter to see if it’s coated in dust and debris.


Drainage Issues

Your air conditioning unit creates condensation as a result of the refrigerant. However, if the condensation isn’t draining properly, it could result in leaks and potential water damage. Be sure to check the outside of the unit to see if there’s any pooling liquid.


Problems with Your Compressor

The compressor is a vital component of your air conditioning unit. If there’s an issue with your compressor, your air conditioner won’t cool your home properly, and may eventually not run. Be sure to consult a profession HVAC technician if you hear strange noises or notice if the unit is regularly turning on and off.


Electrical Issues with Your Air Conditioner

Because there is wiring and electrical components to your AC unit, you’ll want to make sure that the wires are connected properly, there’s no worn out components, and that your unit has all the power it needs. If you notice the unit shorting out, or the breaker flipping, it could be a sign that you need to have it looked at by a professional.


Broken Fan

Your air conditioning unit has two fans. The blower, which is on the inside, and the condenser fan, which is on the outside, work together to provide cool air. Issues can occur like a faulty or broken motor, debris inside the unit, or even a worn belt can prevent the fans from blowing properly.


Get Help from the AC Experts

If you notice any of the issues listed above, it could mean that your cooling efforts could start to slow down and your home will become warmer. With the dog days of summer ahead, you’ll want to make sure that your AC unit is working properly. Let the team at Tindall & Ranson help make sure your home stays cool this summer!

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