Hurricane Season Forecasted To Be Worse Then Usual

  While the 2018 hurricane season doesn’t officially kick off until June 1st, professional meteorologists are making predictions that it will be a busy time for tropical storms this year.  Researchers at Colorado State University are predicting a 60% chance of at least one major hurricane hitting the East Coast, and are estimating a total of 7 hurricanes (3 of which will be major) and 14 named storms will form during this year’s Atlantic hurricane season.  An average season produces 12 named storms before hurricane season wraps up in late November. Last year was the costliest hurricane season on record, being only one of four… Read more »

Brand Spotlight: Trane

Company Overview Trane is a leading global manufacturer of HVAC systems as well as building management systems and controls.  The company is also involved in energy conservation and renewable energy projects.  Owned by manufacturing giant Ingersoll Rand, it makes products under the Trane and American Standard brand names. Trane’s international headquarters is located locally in Piscataway, NJ.  With 104 manufacturing locations in 28 countries, and annual sales of more than $8 billion, Trane has achieved a reputation for high quality and reliable heating and air conditioning products. Company History The Trane brand began in 1885 when James Trane, a Norwegian immigrant, opened his own plumbing shop in La… Read more »

Preventing & Dealing With Frozen Pipes

With the subzero temperatures that NJ has been facing in the last few weeks, it is important to take precautions and know what to do in the event that your pipes freeze.  Whether the pipes are made of copper, plastic, pvc, or plex material, any pipe can freeze depending on how cold the water inside it gets.  When the water in the pipe freezes, it expands and pushes outward on the pipe walls, causing them to stretch and potentially burst.  Burst pipes can be a very expensive problem for a homeowner, costing thousands and easily over $5000 according to the Insurance Institute for Business and Home… Read more »

High Water Bill? Here’s Some Possible Causes

There are many factors that can lead to getting an unusual high water bill including equipment failure, time of year, and changes in household behavior. If you feel like your water bill does not accurately represent your water usage, you will need to do some detective work to figure out what is causing the surge and if there is a possible leak somewhere. Here are some steps you can take to help save water and determine if you have a bigger plumbing issue. Read Your Meter Water meters are a good tool for helping determine leaks. Most water meters have low-flow indicators that look like… Read more »

Fall Home Checklist

As leaves start to fall and the air gets cooler, taking the time to give your home a good yearly inspection can help prevent emergencies during the dead of winter or unexpected costly repairs. Here are some steps to make sure your home is Fall ready. 1. Clean Gutters & Direct Drainage Once the trees are done shedding, you now have the fun task of inspecting and removing all the leaves, twigs, and gunk from the gutters. Make sure your gutters aren’t sagging or trapping water, which can cause ice dams when the water freezes. Ice dams can cause big damage to both your roof… Read more »

Recommended Thermostat Settings for Summer

While today might be the official first day of Summer, it certainly doesn’t feel like it!  Currently, the West is feeling the bulk of the heat, with sidewalks and roads cracking in Northern California, horses refusing to drink the hot water in Southern California, and flights being cancelled in Phoenix, Arizona.  While New Jersey isn’t breaking any all-time heat records like the West Coast is approaching, the temperatures are still pretty hot for this early in the Summer.  So with temperatures in the high 80’s and 90’s, setting your thermostat to the optimal settings is crucial for keeping your family comfortable while keeping your electricity bills from… Read more »

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