6 Fall Tips to Keep Your HVAC System Running Smoothly


Your HVAC system loves the fall season. It can relax after working hard all summer and rest up a bit before getting back to the grind during the cold winter months. While temperatures are comfortable, now is a good time to give your home and HVAC system a little TLC.

Just like you brush your teeth twice a day to keep them clean and strong, simple HVAC maintenance twice a year can provide your family with cleaner, healthier air, keep your energy bills down, and help your heating and cooling system run smoothly before extreme winter weather arrives.

1) Invest in Quality Filters

When you open the windows to enjoy the fresh fall air, you also invite dust and allergens into your home. Those cheap blue filters won’t stop many particles from recirculating into the air throughout your home. Look for high-efficiency pleated filters. They’re more expensive, but a better filter means cleaner air.

2) Change Your Filter

One you’ve found high quality filters, make sure you change them according to manufacturer recommendations, which are typically 30-90 days. Dirty filters make your heating and cooling system work harder and could lead to unnecessary repairs. If you keep the windows open and have pets, you may need to change the filter more often.

3) Clean Your Registers

Make sure registers are unobstructed (furniture, boxes, hampers, garbage cans, etc.) and free of dust and debris. Vacuum the registers and wipe them down. If you notice the registers getting dirty quickly, this is a sign that it’s time for professional duct cleaning.

4) Leave the Thermostat Alone

The fall season brings large temperature swings. You could wake up to 45 degrees in the morning and walk outside to a balmy 70 degrees in the afternoon. If you constantly adjust your thermostat, you could end up making your HVAC system run more than necessary, resulting in higher utility bills. Program your thermostat to comfortable temperatures and keep changes to a minimum.

5) Listen for and Investigate Weird Noises

Clanking, clicking, buzzing, squealing, humming, and rattling noises could be a sign that a part somewhere in your heating and cooling system is loose, failing, broken, or out of balance. See if you can find the source of the noise and take a video of what you hear and see. Then contact Tindall & Ranson so we can fix the problem right away. The last thing you want is to have your HVAC break down in the cold of winter.

6) Schedule Routine Maintenance

Inspecting, cleaning, and servicing your HVAC system is not a DIY project. Also, keep in mind that some HVAC manufacturers require professional preventive maintenance to maintain your warranty. Leave heating and cooling maintenance to the professionals at Tindall & Ranson. Regular maintenance of your heating system in the fall and your air conditioning system in the spring can prevent breakdowns at the worst possible time and extend the life of your HVAC system.

Tindall & Ranson offers HVAC services in Princeton, West Windsor, and throughout Mercer County. To schedule routine maintenance or report a potential problem with your HVAC system, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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