7 Air Conditioner Issues to Avoid this Summer

As summer seeps in and record-high temperatures become commonplace, the air conditioner becomes the hardest working system in your home. But air conditioner issues can occur and common problems with air conditioners are often solved by contacting HVAC maintenance services.

At Tindall & Ranson, we’re happy to help alleviate these issues when they occur, but to help you avoid these common AC issues, here’s some things to do, things to avoid, and things to look out for this summer!

Keeping the AC Unit on All Day

Because of the sweltering heat, your AC unit provides a cooled escape from the outside. However, you don’t want to overdo it. Common air conditioner issues occur due to overuse, so you’ll want to rely on it as sparingly as possible.

Avoid keeping the unit running all day. If no one is home, there’s no sense in keeping the AC blasting.

Setting the Temperature Too Low

After spending the day outside in the heat and scorching sun, you’ll want to find refuge with the cool air blowing from your AC unit. However, most people set the temperature too low, which causes the unit to work harder, which burns up more energy and could lead to mechanical issues.

Find a nice medium with your family with a temperature that’s accommodating but not too much. As the night approaches and the outside temperature cools, you can then adjust the temperature accordingly.

Close Your Doors & Open Your Vents

The more space you have available in your home, the more your air conditioner will try to cool the space. In rooms that are unoccupied, it’s recommended that you close the vents as well as the door, which allows your AC unit to focus on the occupied rooms and areas of your home.

Ignoring the Filter Change

One piece of heating and cooling maintenance that you should do is change the filter. Four times a year, or once a season, you should replace your filter to ensure that the air flow is sufficient. Forgoing this can cause the unit to work harder, burn up more energy, and not provide adequate cooling to your home.

Avoiding Seasonal Maintenance & Cleaning

Some of the most common problems with air conditioners are caused by neglect. Seasonal checkups from an HVAC maintenance service are vital to ensuring that your system is healthy and working properly. It’s also a great way to avoid air conditioner issues in the future.

Identify Heat Sources

You’ll want to find the things in your home that are creating heat, despite the efforts of your air conditioner, to help ensure that the unit is flowing smoothly and efficiently. Appliances like washers and dryers will create heat, as well as the stove, and even computers. Reducing the use of these items can help you improve the functionality of your AC unit.

You may also want to seal any cracks around windows, use double-paned windows to reduce the heat coming in, and using light-colored curtains to help prevent the house from warming up due to the sun.

Make Use of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a great accompaniment to your air conditioner’s efforts. They allow the air to circulate, which helps cool your home faster and gives your air conditioner a chance to rest and work less hard at bringing your home down to an optimal temperature.

Prepare for the Heat of Summer

Now that you know some of the more important things to look out for this summer, as well as the common problems with air conditioners that can be avoided, you’re ready to stay cool and comfortable.

Get ahead of air conditioners this summer by signing up for our Care Free Maintenance Plan, which provides benefits and gives you front-of-the-line treatment should you need HVAC maintenance services.

Contact us at Tindall & Ranson to get started!

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