DIY vs Hiring A Professional Plumber in NJ

DIY Plumbing Vs Professional

The Do-It-Yourself Route

It makes a lot of sense for homeowners to become familiar and comfortable with making minor household repairs for both financial and timely reasons. There are many tools and resources for learning common plumbing maintenance and fixes, such as the DIY Network and The Family Handyman.  Having the right tools and knowledge for  simple plumbing jobs can be convenient to your family and your schedule. When hiring a professional plumber, you will have to schedule a time that works with their availability, which is often during working hours. Performing simple plumbing maintenance can help prevent larger repairs down the road.  The key is having a good grasp on what repairs or maintenance is within your skill set, and which ones may be above your level.  If you plan on taking on the project yourself, you will be responsible for the costs of the right tools and materials, as well as the research. Failing to turn off the water or performing a repair incorrectly can result in damaging parts that could need replacement or even worse, injuring yourself.  If a repair is done incorrectly, the issue may come back once the temporary fix fails.

Example DIY Jobs:

  • Installing or replacing faucets or shower heads
  • Unclogging drains or toilets with plungers or chemicals
  • Checking or replacing old hoses
  • Simple toilet repairs such as chains or seals

Hiring a Professional Plumber

If you are not quite sure about your ability to tackle a plumbing project, it may be best to hire a professional.  As with any other service, by hiring a professional your are guaranteeing the person performing the repair has the trusted experience, education, and is licensed.  Professionals can help you better plan for budgeting and timelines relating to the project or renovation.  Plumbers can efficiently diagnose and provide solutions for your plumbing needs, while identifying other potential issues you may have missed.  While you will have to pay for parts and labor, at least you can relax knowing that you are getting compatible and reliable parts for the job.  Often times if a repair does not work correctly, the plumber will offer a warranty or discounted rate for coming back.

Example jobs that require a professional:

  • Remodeling renovations, such as bathroom additions or kitchen updates
  • Sump pump repairs or replacements
  • Replacing or rewiring old pipes
  • Anything related to gas lines

If you still aren’t sure about taking on an upcoming plumbing project or repair, contact the professionals at Tindall Ranson at for a consultation: 609-924-3434.

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