Preparing your Home for Sub-Zero Temperatures

The Greater Princeton Area is bracing for bone chilling temperatures this holiday weekend with temperatures nearing 0˚ both Saturday and Sunday nights with wind chills factors in the sub zero range. To prepare for these extraordinary weather conditions, here are some simple steps you can take to keep your family comfortable:


If you haven’t already done so, you’ll want to remove your outdoor hoses and store them where you store your yard tools. Next, if you do not have freeze-proof hose bibs, or are unsure if you do, you’ll also want to winterize your hose bibs. To do so, turn your interior water valve to the hose bib a 1/4 turn into the “off” position. Next, open your hose bib outside and let the remaining water in the line “bleed” out. Keep hose bibs in the open position.


If you have not recently replaced your air filter, you’ll want to replace it with a clean filter. Since HVAC systems in the area are standardly built for 10˚ weather, your system will be working extra hard throughout the weekend to keep you warm. Keep the thermostat running at your daytime temperature (typically 68˚ or above) both dayand night throughout the cold weather. While it may cost a bit more to do so, it may prevent your pipes from freezing. Should your home temperature drop up to 5˚, this is normal during an extraordinary weather event such as this. Do not adjust your thermostat higher in an effort to raise the home temperature as it will put additional strain on your system. If your home temperature gets to an uncomfortable level for your family, or shuts off completely, contact your preferred HVAC technician immediately.


Should a faucet freeze up, open the cabinet doors below allowing air to flow around the pipe. Place a bucket under the pipe to catch water if a break has occurred during the freeze as the pipe thaws. Open your faucet slightly to allow a drip to fall. You’ll want to shut the main water line off where it comes into your house from the street. Depending on your valve type, you’ll need to either turn it clockwise until it stops turning or turn it a 1/4 turn. Contact your preferred plumbing technician for repair.

We hope these tips help you feel prepared to keep your family warm and comfortable during the cold weather. Remember, we’re open 24/7 for emergency services such as no heat or broken pipes and are prepared to serve you throughout the holiday weekend. Call us at 609-924-3434 to request our on-call technician to contact you should you have any questions or concerns.

Kevin Tindall and the Staff at Tindall & Ranson Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning

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