Recommended Thermostat Settings for Summer

While today might be the official first day of Summer, it certainly doesn’t feel like it!  Currently, the West is feeling the bulk of the heat, with sidewalks and roads cracking in Northern California, horses refusing to drink the hot water in Southern California, and flights being cancelled in Phoenix, Arizona.  While New Jersey isn’t breaking any all-time heat records like the West Coast is approaching, the temperatures are still pretty hot for this early in the Summer.  So with temperatures in the high 80’s and 90’s, setting your thermostat to the optimal settings is crucial for keeping your family comfortable while keeping your electricity bills from soaring.

When you are home, it is generally recommended that you set your home’s cooling system to 78 degrees.  While this might seem tthermostat settings for summeroo hot to many people, you can use ceiling fans and blinds/ shades to help battle the sun’s heat.  If you plan on leaving the home for a few hours, consider turning it up even higher to the high 80’s.  Many technicians estimate that you can save around 7% off your energy bill for every degree higher you set your thermostat past 78.  If you do not mind dressing comfortably and not exerting yourself, those savings can add up!

Finally, if you do not have one, consider installing a programmable thermostat.  Programmable thermostats will automatically detect the temperature of your home and adjust the settings to your preferences.  With most systems, you can set your temperature preferences for multiple points throughout the day, so it can be cooler during the hotter hours of the day and warmer at night.  Consider setting the thermostat higher for times when you know no one will be home, such as during work hours, sports practices,  or any other regular activities.  You may want to consider setting the temperature changes for an hour or two in advance so that your home is comfortable when you get home or wake up.  Contact Tindall & Ranson if you would like some more information on installing a programmable thermostat to help beat the heat this summer in an economical way.

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