Your Spring HVAC & Plumbing Checklist

Now that winter is behind us and the warm weather is rapidly approaching, it’s time to conduct spring cleaning. But while ensuring that your home is clean, and winter items are tucked away, you’ll also want to focus on your heating, cooling, and plumbing systems to ensure that they’re functioning properly for season.

At Tindall and Ranson, we’re here to provide some tips on ensuring that your HVAC and plumbing systems have everything they need to function properly and efficiently this spring.

Heating & Cooling Maintenance

Spring is a great time for temperature. It’s a chance to turn off the heat and bask in the breeze before the weather turns hot and humid. It’s a time to save money and open up the windows to enjoy the moderate temperature.

However, during this period, it’s a good time to have your ac unit inspected. Here are some things that you, or a certified HVAC technician, can do:

  • Change the Air Filters
  • Dust and/or Wash Ceiling Fans
  • Clear Debris from Air Conditioner
  • Check the Air Conditioner Drain Line
  • Schedule a Tune Up to Your AC Unit

Plumbing Maintenance

A functioning plumbing system is vital to you and your family at your home. Ensuring water is flowing and flushing is important for maintaining a comfortable and working household. You’ll want to ensure that your plumbing systems are working effortlessly so there are no issues.

While your plumbing system is complicated and intricate, you can perform some inspections on your own. Particularly with checking for leaks with your toilets, showers/tubs, and sinks. You’ll also want to check the drainage to ensure there are no clogs or obstructions with any new plants or roots that may be growing along the lines.

But to truly dig in and inspect your plumbing, you’ll need a certified plumber to handle the task. They’ll carefully inspect your system and perform maintenance like:

  • Testing your Sump Pump
  • Checking for Proper Drainage
  • Ensuring Proper Temperature for Your Water Heater
  • Checking for Clogs or Debris that Prevents Waterflow

Schedule a Maintenance Visit with Plumbing & HVAC Experts

There are many tasks that come with the arrival of spring. Getting in a yardwork routine is important, as well as breaking out any spring décor while tucking away the winter ones. But when it comes to temperature and waterflow, having a professional to inspect your systems and provide the necessary maintenance can make a huge difference with your plumbing and HVAC systems.

Sign Up for Care Free Maintenance

At Tindall and Ranson, we offer our customers the Care Free Maintenance Plan. This plan can help you in the event of an unforeseen plumbing, heating, or cooling issue. This helpful plan offers:

  • Front-of-the-Line Treatment with Emergency Services
  • Special Offers & Discounts on Products
  • Extended Warranties on Existing Equipment
  • Yearly Inspection of Your Systems

This maintenance plan simply provides a peace of mind to know that no matter the issue that you’re dealing with, our experts are here to help you. Whether you’re in need of maintenance or repairs, you can easily contact us at Tindall and Ranson this spring!

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